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Thou Art That



Performers, strippers, entertainers, punks, hopeful models, goths, a contortionist, the not-so-hopeful, the lost-and-found, and friends showed up to participate in this adventure. Most were not professionals, but all had a desire to perform for the camera. These friends and acquaintances presented themselves as they were (or imagined themselves to be); it was exotic, inventive and a powerfully good time. Sometimes things got a little weird, but it was all for art.

Photography and fiction. 8.5”x8.5” softcover, 112 pages, perfect bound. 

ISBN 9780981361970

Published June, 2015

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“Lost in a strange place and time, the artist explores visually, and through journal entries, the sense of abandonment often felt through urban decay. Finding beauty in desolation, abandoned buildings and things that fall apart, this narrative takes the reader on a journey to another time and place in our recent past, a place of sad memories and forgotten dreams. Lost is a provocative statement on how our cities die when communities are abandoned and reminds the viewer how fragile our hold is on reality.”

Photographs of an abandon American city.

Photography and fiction. 8.5”x8.5” softcover, perfect bound.

ISBN 97809811361987

1969 Once upon a time in Montréal



In 1969 Richard Austin, a 22 year old artist, lived in Montréal. The city was in turmoil that
year, experiencing often-violent strikes, civil unrest and terrorist bombings of the Stock Exchange and Canada Post mailboxes. During the year Sir George Williams University, situated in the city’s downtown core, experienced the largest student occupation in Canadian history, which soon turned into a riot when over 400 students occupied the computer lab.

Also at that time, The Record Cave, a store selling LPs and 45 RPM vinyl records was ‘where it was at’ for music lovers., attracting a wonderful mix of people looking for their
favorite discs or to just hang out. The author photographed it all, with his first camera; Montreal street scenes, the friendly and the strange and interesting events.

These eclectic images take the reader back to another time, when drugs were readily available, youthful rebellion was in the air, and Montréal underwent cultural and political
seismic shifts.

This book presents black and white images, reminiscences and notes from that pivotal year for the artist. Richard Austin went on to become a designer, photographer and artist,
drawn to contemporary portraiture and landscape imagery and has exhibited in
Montréal and Ottawa galleries. 

Photography and reminiscences.

8.5”x8.5” soft cover, 72 pages, perfect bound. 

ISBN 9780981361932

Published August, 2014

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The autobiography of Austin Butt

“I’ve had the privilege of viewing some glorious sights in my life. I have seen the majestic Victoria Falls in central Africa, where perpetual rainbows seem to hover over the surface of the waters. I have ascended by cable car to the very top of Table Mountain and viewed the beauty of Cape Town and seen the colours where two oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian, meet. I have seen the English Channel and the spectacle of five thousand ships of all sizes and description heading towards Normandy. I have stood in awe on the banks of the Rhine River and watched overhead an armada of thousands of gliders and aircraft advance into the heart of Germany. I have seen the Rocky Mountains and the wonders of New York City. And all of this I believe is a manifestation of the glory of God.”

Limited edition series

5” x 8” pocket book, soft cover, 185 pages with photographs.

ISBN 9780981361949

Memories Recalled - My African Adventures

"It began in 1952... I knew nothing about the African continent other that what I had read in my youth about the so-called 'Dark Continent' and much less about a country named "The Union of South Africa". But I would not for the world have passed up the opportunity when offered to discover it. I have always had a great longing for adventure."

Limited edition series

5” x 8” pocket book, soft cover, 40 pages with photographs.

ISBN 9780981361956

Curious prose


A private collection of her best work. 

Sylvia Nin, a nom de plume, well known to Ottawa’s Parliament Hill community, wishes to remain anonymous.

Limited edition series

5” x 8” pocket book, soft cover, 30 pages with photographs.

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