Richard Austin

painting • photography • design

Contemporary landscape paintings

Richard Austin, a former art editor and graphic designer for Montral advertising studios and tabloid newspapers, is a Canadian indie-filmmaker, painter and photographer. As a filmmaker, Richard directed a number of music videos and short films, including At Last..., a dramatic short film about the reunion of two long-estranged sisters, and Heather Crowe’s Legacy, a documentary about one individual making a difference by galvanizing political and public health efforts. Richard studied visual art in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa, published books and has exhibited his paintings and photography at galleries internationally.

Upcoming exhibition • March 20 - April 8, 2020


Galerie Old Chelsea

March 20 - April 8 • DREAMLANDS solo exhibition

783 Route 105, Old Chelsea, Québec. 819-827-4945

La Fab Arts Centre

July 1 - July 31 • Solo exhibition

212 Chemin Old Chelsea, Chelsea, Québec. 819-827-3326

Recent exhibitions


Orange Art Gallery

212 Chemin Old Chelsea, Chelsea, Québec. 819-827-3326

Ottawa Little Theatre Gallery

400 King Edward Ave, Ottawa, Ontario. 613-233-8948

La Fab Arts Centre

212 Chemin Old Chelsea, Chelsea, Québec. 819-827-3326

University of Ottawa • Faculty of Medicine Gallery

Roger Guindon Hall, 451 Smyth Road, Ottawa, Ontario. 613-562-5800


Recent paintings

Over the past five decades I’ve worked in different creative mediums   ̶   painting, photography, filmmaking, printmaking, graphics and book design. My oil portrait paintings during the 90s blended soft edges and textures, attempting to draw out characters with intangible moods and dark emotions. In the last few years I’ve been using acrylics and creating images with more defined contours, focusing on expressionist / abstract interpretations of still life and landscapes. These paintings are of simplified and distorted forms using limited colour palettes. Often in my creative work, I try to challenge perception, perspectives and assumptions about nature and reality.

Hay Lake Retreat, Algonquin Park


40” x 30”

Gatineau Park Wandering Sky


36” x 36”



36” x 36”

Mini portfolio of recent work

Acrylic paintings are available to purchase from galleries or the artist.

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